I’ve had this thought;

We finally decided to not shame children anymore by calling them bastards & illegitimate or their mothers “unwed”.

So why are we shaming children of gay parents by calling their parents illegitimate & unwed?

It isn’t the gay parents hurting their children, it’s society’s labels of their parents union that hurts.

“Wrong, immoral, sin, evil, perverted, twisted, ungodly, bestial, comparable to the worse that humans can do.”

Think any of the children want to hear their parents called that?

Words mean things. They hurt people.

Stop saying hurtful things and hurting people.



  1. It is not to other people to call names to others or to make them feel awful by sayings things that hurt. Nobody has the right to label others in such a distinctive way to cast them out or to criticise them in the negative sense.

    Those who judge others, where did they receive the right to judge them? It is not given to man to judge another man, except the lawyers or judges which God does allow to exist and to take care of their actions in a righteous way not prejudiced.

    No way a child can be found guilty for something which they do not cause or had something to do with. They did not chose their parents, at first, but they can come to accept their parents for what they are, thief, murderer, gay or anything else what others could call bad. They should also show their love to those who consider them to be their children. Did people ever consider how difficult it can be for a child to give unconditional love for the ones which are hated by society?

    Jesus has given that unconditional love to all sinners, even the many ones he even did not know.

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