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I find I’m not blogging as much as I thought I might.
Still planning on great words in the future but life is good at the moment and it’s always easier to vent when you are worked up!

But I also take pictures.
Kind pictures.
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I try and talk humorously about my daily life on Facebook. Little stuff not blog worthy.
I have five kids and a 90 year old father who still works as a pediatrician.
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I’ve been blessed to be a stay at home mother.

But whether you are a stay at home parent or not, we all need to claim some time during the week as our own.

I claim Mondays. I also claim a couple of hours on Wednesdays but that’s only because my momma workload has decreased.

What do I do with my Momma Monday’s? It’s more of what I DON’T do.

#1. I don’t make appointments. You won’t find me surprised by anything on a Monday.

NO dentists, doctors, play dates, charity meals, or heaven forbid school conferences.

Mondays are for enjoying the still of the house after a beautiful busy weekend.

My time to slowly gather my thoughts as I gather wet towels.

By evening on Monday I’m back in the race. Ready to rescue, reward, and return books for my family.

Happy Momma Monday.


Best Man With Cerebral Palsy Toasts Twin In Unforgettable Speech

That unconditional love is real and it starts in the home.
That joy and happiness are real.
That brotherhood can be a beautiful thing.
That a smile and a sense of humor speak volumes.

Kindness Blog

Korey Soderman has all the dirt on his twin brother, Kyle.

Korey, who has cerebral palsy, let some of those secrets fly during his best man speech at Kyle’s wedding two weeks ago. Because Korey can’t speak, Kyle read the speech out loud — once he choked back happy tears, of course.

The Sodermans, from West Palm Beach, Fla., have never let Korey’s condition get in their way. His mom, Wendy, started her own private school, IDEAL & Dream School, when she had difficulty finding a preschool for Korey, according to an A&E documentary about the family.

Korey, meanwhile, founded his own nonprofit, Korey’s Krew, which works with teens and young adults with physical disabilities.

“I’m differently abled,” he told the Palm Beach Post in 2010, after winning an award for his community service. “I can do what others do, I just do it differently.”

Source: Huffington Post & Youtube

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FACEBOOK- Today’s Front Porch

We are in a new world these days. Our communities exist on-line. The new model for how we interact and live in the world. Where we shop, learn or hang out.

A lot of us hang out on Facebook.

Facebook  is a complicated Venn diagram of friends and associations.

We can have a small gated circle of friends, or we can include the whole world, with many combinations in-between. 

We can be in one small circle of friends and be part of larger circles. We don’t have to choose the same friends our friends do and we have the power to shun anyone we want.

It is a virtual neighborhood. One where I say, we are all joined on our front porches.

The modern-day stoop.

We come at different times of day to swap stories, share news and vacation pictures. To smile and nod at each other and wave as the cars go by. To check on each other, make each other laugh, support each other.

We share our dreams, hopes, fears, and disappointments.

Like any neighborhood there can be problems.  As your Neighborhood Watch leader I’d like to submit, if we all acted a little more neighborly the ‘hood could be a better place.

I’ve got a few suggestions.

Keep your clothes on.

Take naked back inside where it belongs. There is a place for that, even online. But not on your front porch.

Keep your racist, sexist, homophobic jokes and thoughts inside too. Way inside. Keep them in the basement in a cage .

Don’t SHOUT from your porch.

Keep your political placards to a minimum. Please don’t litter the lawn with them.

Don’t talk about others behind their back. There is no back in this neighborhood. It’s all comes out front eventually.

Try not to be impulsive and run out on your porch hysterical, you’ll only embarrass yourself. Don’t be the boy who cried wolf. Your neighbors are there to help you when you really need it.

Take private conversations inside.

Don’t pass along chain letters. It’s bad luck.

Keep your door to door sales to a minimum and only sell what you truly have used and believe in.

Take your flag down at night.

And the biggest thing our mother’s told us not to do on the front porch?

Don’t hang your dirty laundry there.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

KT 🙂


It’s time. I will not be silenced any more. Silence IS death for me. That’s not my original thought. My late gay brother taught me SILENCE=DEATH.

“Katie is a bright student but she TALKS TOO MUCH”

“Katie would cry if the plague left. Snort, snort.”

That’s what I DO!

I talk and cry.

For many years my email was kttalks. I evolved enough that at one point I changed it to ktskindear. Now, that’s not KT skin dear. That’s KT’s kind ear. KT, you need to be a better listener I said to myself.

People really need to be listened to and who are you to tell anybody anything anyway? You didn’t finish your college degree. Many people won’t even talk to you without one, let alone think you have advice to offer.

I do have 70 or so college credits. All the general education requirements done for a four-year college degree. I just decided to go independent study and major in motherhood.

We all know now that 10,000 hours practice and study can make you an expert in whatever you’ve spent those hours doing.

I’ve been heavy-duty, one on one, in-home mothering.

There are 8,760 hours in a year. I’ve raised five children, four to adulthood.

First child, 8,760x18yrs=157,680 hours mothering. Fourteen months later,

Second child, 8,760x18yr=157,680 hours mothering 2 children. Two and half years later,

Third child, 8,760x18yr=157,680 hours mothering 3 children. Three years later lost a baby.

Fourth child, spent about an hour with his tiny 5oz body. A year later,

Fifth child, 8,760x18yr=157,680 hours mothering four children. Six years later,

Sixth child, spent about an hour with his tiny 5oz body. A year later,

Seventh child, 8,760×13=113,880 hours mothering five children.

That’s 744,600 of woman hours mothering! Drop 10,000 into that and I’m

a mothering expert 74 times over!

In my wildest dreams I’d do stand up. I like to talk and I think I’m funny.  But I did have a more realistic dream of writing about my parenting philosophy.

To that end I started,

My “incomplete guide to lazy fair parenting”. But found very early I had a lot more to say on a lot more subjects.

So, welcome to Kind communication through straight talk.

I want to be the easiest person to talk to. I’ll talk about anything. But I listen.

I want to facilitate communication. I want to find our similarities and joys. I don’t want anything hidden.

Except maybe what’s in your hankie. I like basic courtesies.

But most everything is on the table.

Politics, sex and religion don’t scare me.

I’m not trying to promote anything but mutual understanding.

Bridging gaps. Generational gaps, gender gaps, class gaps and racial divides.

We are, all of us individually worthy of respect, kindness and understanding.

This is my little corner of the woods and whether anyone hears me falling. I’m going to make some noise!

KT 🙂