My 90-year-old dad is still working as a pediatrician!

Grandpa dr

He sits in a cubical reviewing pediatric disability claims for the state. The only pediatrician they have working for them in San Diego County. He plays golf three times a week and shoots below his age. All you hackers out there, know what that means!

Today I wandered into a group called, “You know your from El Cajon when…” on Facebook. I asked them if they remembered Dr. Donald M. Montgomery.

The response was wonderful but not surprising.

I have had it cross my mind quite a few times that I will need to write the obituary for this man someday.

He is ninety. I knew I’d need to sum up this great man’s life in a special way. I knew that the people he touched would come out of the woodwork.

What an awesome gift I’ve been given and can share with him. I’ll be able to show him now while he lives how many lives he touched.

Bud, “Dr. Montgomery? The wonderful Dr. Montgomery? Who didn’t love Dr. Montgomery? A wonderful and caring man. As a child, I actually enjoyed going to the Dr., even if it meant getting a shot.”

Judith, “I remember Dr. Montgomery. I took all 3 of my sons to him.”

Diann, “He was my daughter’s pediatrician 46 years ago…..a wonderful doctor.”

Elva, “He was a wonderful doctor for both my children in the 70’s. Glad he is doing well.”

Chris, “He was my pediatrician! It’s weird all of the things I remember about going to see him. He was a wonderful doctor!”

Kimbreley, “He was my girls pediatrician. I loved him.”

Missie, “He cared for my son in 1985, best Dr. ever, loved him.”

Carl, “Wow. That guy was totally my doctor when I was a kid! I remember the exam rooms…the “circus room”…the “pirate room”. He was a very nice guy and a great doctor! I am glad to see that he has lived such a long life.”

Susan, “What a kind gentile man!! I remember his license plate was DMMD️”

It actually was DMMMD. Donald Mac Montgomery M.D.. My brother got him the plates for a Christmas present.

Brian, “He was my pediatrician, early 1960’s.”

Kim, “Oh my gosh he was my doctor when I was a little girl. He was so nice. One of the nurses would make me crochet ribbons for my pig tails. Small world.”

Steve, “I remember Dr. Montgomery well… he gave me stitches and vaccinations many times. I even went to his office when I was 20 and cut my foot because he didn’t charge too much for tetanus shots. Very nice man.”

Barbara, “Dr. Montgomery, he was my daughter’s doctor for years after they were born. Very good doctor.”

Susanne, “Ahhh. He was my doctor as a child. I remember him!”

Patty, “What a wonderful caring doctor, he had such a way with kids…God Bless Him…sure made a difference in many children’s lives.”

Kimbreley, “I think for me the biggest thing was when my oldest daughter cut the side of her eye and here I come in panic mode and he calmed me right down.  It wasn’t just what he did for the kids but for us parents as well. Oh, and I have to put this in. Since moving out of California and living in other states I have not found a doctor like him since. He always took his time and that is all thumbs up to him.”

Cheryle, “He was my brother’s and all my children’s doctor.”

Larry, “Your Dad always patched up my surfing-skateboarding-generally stupid kid wounds!”

Leslie, “Omg!! Of course I do. My mother took me to him when my Dr. Persky was out-of-town. I was real sick and he picked me up and I got sick on him and I remember he was so patient so kind.  I think i was like 5 😊.”

Kara, “I went to Dr. Montgomery until I was in college lol and I took my son to him as well….always loved the “pirate” room. lol.”

Elva, “My kids are 39 and 40. He was their doctor from birth…he always spent time with you and it was always a pleasure to be in his presence.  Hope he does live to be the oldest man alive…”

Bonnie, “Dr. Montgomery took care of my daughter from birth…1972 was the year she was born… Wow.”

Julie, “OMG He was my son’s pediatrician!!!! He was SO WONDERFUL!!!! ❤ They went to him for many years ❤ My oldest was asthmatic, which is SO scary and your dad was SO comforting and explained what I needed to do in terms I could understand–he was just the BEST!!!! <3”

Laura, “Omg!..He was me and my twin sister Linda’s pediatrician over 50 years ago…still have my hospital  bracelet in my baby book with his name on it. Dr Fredickson delivered us and Dr. Montgomery was our pediatrician. Praises to him. Prayers for an even longer, happy life!”

Matthew, “Thank you for letting all of us know what happened to our Dr. Montgomery!  Me, my brother and all three of my sisters went to Dr. Montgomery.”

Susan, “He was awesome! Took care of all the “Skillings” kids !”

Carrie, “Wow. I remember when he took out a huge splinter that I got at Girl Scout camp.”

Lorrie, “He was our pediatrician!!  VERY KIND!!!!”

Laura, “I am looking through my baby book, the hospital bracelet I have is from when I was 8 months old. My mom wrote, “You had a 105 degree temperature, you were dehydrated. You were fed intravenously in a vein in your head. In the hospital Dr. Montgomery took good care of you.”….I remember my mom saying if they didn’t bring me to the hospital when they did, I wouldn’t be here today and that Dr. Montgomery saved my life!, thank you!”

Julie, “Another thing I was just remembering was when my youngest son was born at Grossmont, he was jaundiced so had to stay after I  was discharged and when I called later that day to find out how my son was doing they gave me info on the wrong baby–they had “misplaced” my son. When I called your dad he was livid and “had a talk” with the pediatric nurses there and he “found” my baby. He called me back right away to tell me everything was fine–my son was doing okay etc. I was terrified and he “talked me down” in his calm, caring way.   I had to share that–if he thinks he isn’t remembered, we just have to let him know that is NOT the case!!!”

Wendy, ” Sweet Doctor Monte …”
And that was the first day I posted after just a few hours.

That’s MY dad! How proud have I been to say, “I’m a doctor’s daughter.” Never had a moment when that wasn’t true. How much has he done for ME? I tried to explain,

I’m hoping to keep his wisdom and kindness alive forever.
I wrote a poem in my teens. My mother didn’t like it.

I know I learned from daddy when I was very small,
that God was just like daddy or he wasn’t God at all.

I still believe it.
His daughter,
KT 🙂

PS. Here’s a picture of the treasure map from the “pirate room”. Hand painted by my mother.

pirate map


  1. Dr Montgomery was all the above….when I had my third child that he treated since birth she was a Downs Syndrome child. 40yrs ago that was rare in el cajon. He had the job of telling me when I was in the hospital ….what burdens he bore for us…he helped me get through it and cared for her for 20 yrs…I love u dr M..thank you soooo much for your loving care

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